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Hello everyone! This is Deathbustereudial103, but everyone calls me Zach. Now, I'm sure we've all heard about the #Eeveetakeover, right? Well, I kinda sorta became a part of it... and now I'm a Flareon! How did this happen? Well, it started like this...

Two hours ago

I was sitting at my computer browsing all of the #Eeveetakeover related pictures, when I came upon an advertisement for body lotion.

"Try our new lotion! It'll make you feel like a brand-new person!"

The company name was blacked out, and it looked low grade quality, and not like an official ad. So naturally I clicked on the link anyway.

I totally deserved to be sucked into my computer screen for such Genre Blindness.

When I awoke, I was pinned to the ground by a Sylveon with a potion.

Hello. She said, before pouring it all over me. It was a sticky red liquid that burned, burned, BURNED! I screamed in pain, trying to wipe it off with my hand, only for my hand to suddenly feel odd. I looked to see it become a paw and become covered in red-orange fur. Suddenly, I began to feel very, very hot: as if I were on fire. My clothes suddenly felt too big for me as my body shrank, becoming coated in fur. A ruff of fur surrounded my neck, as my arms became little more than forelegs. I tried to stand up, but my now-hind legs gave way and forced me upon all fours. My face began to burn as it stretched into a vulpine muzzle, my teeth falling out to be replaced by sharper ones and my ears migrating to the top of my head as my hair became a cream-colored fur shaped thing. I'd been turned into a Flareon.

I looked around, but the mysterious Sylveon had vanished as soon as she'd appeared. 

"So where am I now? And how do I get back?"


And that's how I became a Flareon for the #Eeveetakeover! Luckily, I found a working dimensional portal to take me back to my house, and now I'm trying to type this up with paws. It's a lot harder than it looks, though, so yeah.

Well, that's all for now! Bye!
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